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Craig definately has sexy hair. My sis is going to an Incubus concert next week and The Vines are opening for them. I'll make sure she takes some pictures of them. Craig rocks.
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i hate to break it to you...the vines cancelled their tour with incubus. they're not opening any longer.
any reason why? damnit, I thought it was just a rumour!
they just wanted a break
ugh! break shmeak! how often do they come to Canada anyway? =( Oh well, I guess I'll just have to deal with it *sigh*
i've been to only one show of theirs in canada.
i couldn't go to the recent one. :(
next tour i guess.
Well at least you've seen them before! I haven't. I'm really dying to see them play live! I've seen Good Charlotte, Less Than Jake, Mest, New Found Glory, Something Corporate and The Getaway before, but never The Vines... yeah, next time I guess.
i was saddned by the whole cancellation of thier tour with incubus, too.
not that i like incubus or anything, but i was willing to buy a ticket just to see Craig. -le sigh-
Yeah, I know what you mean. It would be so worth it just to see him! I would still go even if he doesn't show up because I think Incubus is a great band too. Btw, I love your icon.
thank you! i like your icon, too!

and yes... it would be worth every penny just to see Craig. -drools-
Yey! Almost Famous icon k00ky!! ^_^
Glad ya like it! I made a whole bunch in the AlmostFamousMov community.
i had this big plan, with a few people to go to the vines, and incubus concert, there both my fav bands, but, of corse the vines arnt opening for them anymore, and, that really made me mad. i wonder if they are breaking up though.....because, i read an artical saying that craig got in a fight with patrick, and it was pretty big, maybe there just taking a break.
noooooo!!! They can't break up!! That would be so terrible, they're one of the best bands out there!! I hope not *prays*
We were all excited about the concert -_-;; I heard Sparta was taking their place.
i just think they are taking a break. i was so mad.... i really wanted to see craig.
if they end up breaking up i think i will cry for eternity!!!!!!!!! but for all those who think craig is the hottest thing ever just to let u kno he is even hotter in person! i got to meet him by his tour bus! he was funny he had just gotten done smokin his bong! lol!