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He is all sexy hair. ALL SEXY HAIR GODDAMMIT.'s Journal

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Monday, March 7th, 2005
9:42 pm

oh man I totally joined this group for craig's hair is the most erotic thing ever.
Now, because of craig I only look/flirt with guys that have hair resembling craig's.
ugh seriously I have erotic fantasies about that sex hair.

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Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
9:45 pm - heloooo

helooo im new.

o yes Craigs hair is so hot, its like woah. yes. shiny. . .
oyeah, are there any poster-sites that have posters of craig, other than art.com and allposters.com cause.. there seem to be only the 3 around (that i can find), and that makes me sad :(

current mood: sad

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Monday, October 18th, 2004
5:27 pm - :(

Anybody know where to get old NME magazines with The Vines gracing the cover? :( I can't find any. Thanks.

current mood: annoyed

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
4:32 pm - promo


join... because it is an awsome ( craig and the vines) icon community that needs more graphic and icon makers. Sorry for promoting but, i guess its topic related.

current mood: accomplished

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Tuesday, August 31st, 2004
7:32 am

happy birthday craig :)

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Monday, August 16th, 2004
12:54 pm

Join yum_emo_boys <33


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Saturday, August 14th, 2004
9:19 am


Ok so the post got all screwed up before and there were only those stupid little red xs so I'm reposting the very hairy pics of craig...part II.


locksCollapse )

current mood: enthralled

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Tuesday, July 27th, 2004
5:50 pm


Hello everyone im new and this community is about craigs hair and i love craig and i love craigs hair even more!! so i thought i post my favorite pictures of craig .... xoxoxo

pictures Collapse )

current mood: chipper

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Monday, July 26th, 2004
3:31 am

I made this today. If anyone wants to use it for something, please credit.

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Friday, July 23rd, 2004
3:47 am - New Vines Artwork...

Some of you have checked out my work before, but I'm nearly finished my Vines fanzine, and have posted what I hope will be the cover art.

Please check it out, comment, and let me know or add me to your friends list if you want to find out about the final product.


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Sunday, July 11th, 2004
7:54 pm - mindless shit

hi im new. blah blah blah. blah blah blah.
wanna know more about me then read my profile cause im bored of writing about me.

Performing Craig.
Performing Craig.

Which Craig Nicholls are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

current mood: bored

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Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
4:57 am

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<a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/lets_fuck_craig"><img

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Saturday, July 3rd, 2004
11:52 pm - new member
craigshighagain hi, im taylor. im a new member. the vines totally kick ass, craig has the sexiest voice. anyways, im 13 f-ohio.

current mood: tired

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Monday, June 28th, 2004
7:38 pm - yum

Craig definately has sexy hair. My sis is going to an Incubus concert next week and The Vines are opening for them. I'll make sure she takes some pictures of them. Craig rocks.

current mood: awake

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10:35 pm - If You Love The Vines

... Then Please check out my site - it's not much at the moment, but please tell me what you think :)


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Friday, June 25th, 2004
7:33 pm - hi everybody

I'm new....just wondering.....is it wrong to have special "thoughts" about his hair......


current mood: this emotion is pensive.......

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Sunday, April 25th, 2004
1:21 pm

so.. how about that awesome winning days video?

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Thursday, April 22nd, 2004
8:02 pm



check out this awesome community...

and i will definetly post my picture from the vines concert VERY SOON. it was great. will tell all about it lata.

<3 s.

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Wednesday, April 7th, 2004
11:03 pm - In concert...

Seeing as how everyone here is a fan, or at least of Craig Nicholl's hair, is anyone going to see them during this North American Aussie Invasion Tour? I'm seeing them on Sunday (can't wait, I'll see the hotness live and in person) at the Warfield. If anyone else will be there, let me know.

current mood: curious

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Friday, April 2nd, 2004
6:31 pm

Hi all. Craig is the epitome of beautiful and has the sexiest hair ever. Add me as a friend and I'll add ya back. :)


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