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In concert...

Seeing as how everyone here is a fan, or at least of Craig Nicholl's hair, is anyone going to see them during this North American Aussie Invasion Tour? I'm seeing them on Sunday (can't wait, I'll see the hotness live and in person) at the Warfield. If anyone else will be there, let me know.
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actually, i'm going tomorrow...i hope we are allowed cameras. if i take pictures, i will sure as hell post them on here.
oh oh oh dammit!
i wish i'd seen this before i went to the show.
i saw them at the warfield, too.
for the vines, i was dead center and RIGHT in the goddamn front, up against the gate.
it was the best experience of my life, seriously.

what did you think of their set?!
I don't really know. I have such a different outlook on the show now than I did after I immediately saw it. Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with it. I wasn't nearly as close as you (front and centre on the first "terrace", then the mosh pit for the encore) so I heard all the really odd bits of the music. I loved the other bands - especially The Living Edge. And Jet was really good. But The Vines, I'd had such high expectations... I'm still super fucking excited that I saw them live. Definitely worth it.
What did you think of it? Was it an awesome experience for you?
(If you were looking for a longer review and such, I have one on my livejournal.)
okay, i'm not going to lie, i felt the same way.
see, a friend of mine had seen them before and had met them and everything, so she was super excited to go with me and see them for the second time. i guess she had built up their performance so much that i was expecting one HELLUVA stage presence, so i was disappointed when craig failed to interact with the audience (especially as i had clawed my way up front and suffered badly for it!) and patrick and ryan and hammish failed to even glance up from their playing to LOOK at who they were playing for! i saw the strokes a few nights before at the warfield, and i loved the way julian went directly into the crowd of screaming girls like he flirtatiously did. that's what makes seeing people live fun, you know? the spazzy shit they do.

oh well. it was still goddamn awesome, as you said.

what did you think of neon, the opening band?
I guess they were what I expected from an opening band. They were good enough, definitely not bad by any means, but still not quite my style. And they seemed as though they thought since they were the opening act, nobody was listening so might as well act that way. But as I said, they weren't bad. Just not as great as Living Edge who followed them, which dims my perspective.
I forgot to tell you the best part of my evening! I met them! They handed out tiny flyers asking if you wanted to meet the band to go to the FYE table. I did and I ended up backstage hanging out with all the bands! But it wasn't what I'd hoped for. They were all so mellow and stoned that conversation didn't seem possible. So I introduced myself to all the bands, and made a special attempt to tell The Living Edge how much I was in awe of their performance, and left.
And how odd, I was going to see the Strokes too, but April turned out to be concert month so I had to prioritize. But I saw them in October, were you there?
my friend and i waited around for what seemed like FOREVER to meet the vines, but we didn't get the opportunity to. YOU DID?! oh that is fantastic. did you take any pictures with any of the bands? and if you did, you wanna show 'em to me?

awwww, you didn't see the strokes then? DUDE april was TOTALLY the concert month. i went to like, five that i paid for online (in advance, so big shows, you know?) and then two that i paid for at the door. haha how silly. and i was there at the strokes last october at the civic center where i almost broke my nose and my friend sprained her wrist. man, that's a rough place! i saw mars volta there in april as well, but the crowd wasn't nearly so filled with scary teenage girls screaming for their celebrity crushes. hahah. although cedric and omar DID get their fair share of it...

what did you think of the strokes performance?
oh giiiiirl, you need to add me on this lj-ness like WHOA.
I loved the Strokes concert in October because of Kings of Leon. Since then, I've become quite a fan of them. But the Stroke weren't as good as I'd hoped for (Julian getting shitfaced on stage wasn't what I wanted either) but I really liked the show. I got punched in the nose and almost broke a toe. That was a really rough crowd. So in April, there was Strokes (I didn't see), Modest Mouse, Aussie Invasion, OK Go, and BRMC (my absolute favourite!). And they were all very very good. I seem to have developed a formula for meeting bands - look really casual and laid back, not like a slut or like you're trying, and show up by yourself but still get really into it and not care about who's around you. Because it worked to meet the bands at every show I went to! No pictures though because I don't have a camera. I keep it in my memory, and that's good enough for me. So how else was your concert month?
kings of leon are quite fantastic. i was sad that people really didn't seem to be into them as much as they should have been.

oh oh oh, all these bands disappointing the hell out of you. julian is a drunk bastard, what can we say?

brmc!! they played with the rapture in the city and i was FUMING that i couldn't go. i tried to go to the show in santa cruz (as that's closer to me anyway), but i wasn't able to make it. how was the show in sf, though? oh man oh man oh man.

are you planning on going to bfd?
What's bfd? Anyway, BRMC kicked ass! Holy shit, I was so blown away!!! Starlite Desperation were great (lead singer danced like Elvis and I told him so!) and the Rapture was great with cowbell and the robot. BRMC was, of course, great. I talked to Robert before the show, and the lead singer and drummer from Starlite Desperation and lead singer and drummer of the Rapture. A very good night. I tried to go to the Santa Cruz show too, but I had a concert to sing in that night. I was pissed! Anyway, I'm going to try and make it to Lollapalooza in Washington in July, so hopefully I'll see them again soon.
you had a concert to sing? what's going on with that?

go to to see the details on bfd. it's held at the shoreline ampitheatre in mountain view, and the lineup looks AWESOME this year. last year sucked.
Wait, is bfd Lollapalooza? I know that BRMC is playing with that festival along with tons of other awesome-looking groups. But I'm out of town in July so I'm going in Washington. As for my concert, I sing in choir on campus and that was our concert night. I was going to skip it anyway but then my boss said she'd fire me if I didn't go. That's why you should never work for your professor. It gets complicated.
no, bfd is a totally separate entity.
haha never work for your professor, eh? well, can't say i was planning on it.

but yeah, i want to go to lollapalooza, but i don't have the BANK for that. sigh. i guess bfd it will have to be! i'm not sure if it's in june or july, but i think it's june. you should go!
I didn't think Lollapalooza was that much. It's something like $40 for a 2-day lawn pass at the Washington show. Seems alright with me. But whatever you can get works, right?
hey i didnt see then in warfield, but i saw them when they came to portland! i was in the front up against the gate right in front of craig i loved it! during animal machine craig did hid thing and started rollin around and nockin everything over! i thought it was funny becuz i had told me friend that came with b4 they came on stage and were just setting up that if they put him in the middle like they did that he would do that! but yea they had to stop the show for a few min and then they were back on again! after the concert i went back where the tour busses were and i waited there for like an hour and a half in the pouring rain for craig! and then he finally came out and by that time i was the only one still waiting there for him cuz it was like 1:00 in the morning! but i yelled for him and he came over and surpirzingly able to speak after that i asked him for his autograph and he said thanks and i was about to hand him the CD cove threw the gate but he stoped me and came around! i handed it to him and he said thanks i gave him the pen and he signed it then............ HE GAVE ME A HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt so special and i leteraly couldnt speak for the rest of the night until one of me friends asked how the concert was at skool and i screamed in her face! lol she laughed at me but yea. HE HUGED ME!!!!!!